Board of Directors

The Board of Directors dedicate their skill and time to the Agency ensuring that our mission and goals remain the focus of the organization and strengthen our connection to the community.

  • Chair

    William Hibbert, Professor,
    Fanshawe College

  • Vice Chair

    John Forrester, Assistant Crown Attorney, Retired

  • Second Vice Chair

    Paul Waight, Detective Sergeant, London Police Services

  • Secretary/Treasurer

    Marycatherine Kusch, CPA, CA, Partner, Wilkinson Rogers LLP

  • Past Chair

    Paul Waight, Detective Sergeant, London Police Services

  • Director

    Eric Simard, Recruitment Officer, UWO

  • Director

    David Rows, Assistant Crown Attorney

  • Director

    Alan O’Brien, Detective, London Police Services

  • Director

    Kevin Kusch, Principal, London District Catholic School Board, Retired

  • Director

    Erin Rows, Head of Guidance, Thames Valley District School Board

  • Director

    Sarah Ashkanase, Professor/Social Worker

  • Executive Director

    Heather Lumley, MA

For more information to inquire about becoming a Board Member, please call (519) 850-3777 ext 228

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