Adult Community Programs

Adult Community Programs

Direct Accountability Program (DAP)

The Direct Accountability Program an alternative to prosecution for eligible individuals charged with minor criminal offences. The program was introduced as part of Ontario’s Justice on Target Strategy to reduce court delays and involves offenders being held accountable through community-based sanctions. Participants must be willing to assume responsibility for their actions and be prepared to make amends through the completion of an assigned sanction. Once sanctions are completed, charges will be withdrawn.

Adult Diversion

The Pre-Charge Adult Diversion program has been developed through a partnership between our agency and London Police Service. This program is designed to divert minor and low risk offences away from the court system while holding the individual accountable for their actions and ensuring any victims or the community receives reparation.

Adult Diversion

The Federal Adult Diversion program is designed to provide adults that are charged with Federal Offenses, primarily under the Controlled Drug and Substance Act, the opportunity to complete community based sanctions as a means of having their charge withdrawn.

Intermittent Community Work Program

The ICWP program is designed to assist individuals who have been charged with offences such as Drinking and Driving (*not causing bodily harm), Driving without a Permit, Drug related charges, and sentenced to serve their custody time on specified day during the week or weekend. This program offers the participants the opportunity to maintain their employment and continue to contribute to their community while serving their custody time.

Substance Use Program(SUP) and Temporary Absence Program(TAP)

The SUP program provides group educational and counselling opportunity for adults in the criminal justice system that are experiencing substance use/abuse issues . The TAP program provides individuals an opportunity to complete community service hours as an alternative to serving their time in custody.

Adult Community Service Orders (CSO)

The Adult CSO program serves adults who have been ordered by the courts to complete a prescribed number of community service hours. The directed individuals are expected to attend placements and schedule regular progress meetings, and complete their community hours within the allotted timeframe to have successful completion.

Supervised Independent Living (SIL)

The SIL program is designed to provide community based - non-residential supports/services for individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health issues or with other special needs that are or are high risk of being involved in the criminal justice system. Many of the areas of focus for our support for the individuals in this program include Community Living Skills, Crisis Prevention and Resolution, Education, Finances, Family Work, Health, Legal Access, Social/Recreation, Respite, Emotional Supports/Counselling, Therapeutic Partnerships.

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